Anchor Packaging Co.

Affordable Thrift Store Bags by a Trusted Vendor

Anchor Packaging seeks to help thrift stores save money, without sacrificing quality. The company sells custom printed Society of St. Vincent de Paul bags, both paper and plastic, as well as rubber bands, tape, stretch film, typing twine, latex gloves, Ziplock bags and janitorial supplies – among other products.

The company’s main objective is to assist nonprofits with maximizing profits. “Anchor takes pride in a Society of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift’s success,” said Arthur Trammel, vice president, Anchor Packaging. “We enjoy helping people who usually do not have someone from our type of business looking out for them.”

And look out for SVdP Thrifts they do! Anchor Packaging specializes in bringing a wide variety of products thrift personnel need into one place, increasing efficiency, while saving our thrift stores money. Anchor Packaging is recognized as a quality packager and has won a global award for its outstanding services. Arthur and Anchor Packaging currently service the thrift store operations in more than 50 SVdP communities. The company offers low overhead, resulting in low prices on products. Anchor usually ships orders within one business day.

Please see the pricing on bags the company has provided.

Bag Pricing – Cost to Conference/Council:

  • 11×6.5×21 SVDP bag: $13.25 per case of 1000
  • 12x7x22 SVDP bag: $19.00 per case of 1000
  • 18x7x28 SVDP bag: $17.00 per case of 500
  • 20x10x36 SVDP bag: $35.00 per case of 250

The National Council welcomes Anchor Packaging as a national partner. To learn more, contact:

Arthur Lee Trammell IV
Work phone: 205-324-4525
Cell phone: 205-919-3464

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