D&W Sourceall

Quality products at amazing prices:

Exclusively for Vincentians! Or engage your community in an online drive. D&W Sourceall specializes in providing quality supplies for nonprofits online at manufacturer and wholesale prices. The online retailer offers backpacks, school and hygiene supplies, clothing, winter accessories and toys, among its inventory of more than 100 other items. Best of all, orders require no minimum quantity.

Engage Your Supporters – secure critically needed items:

Have you ever had a need such as school supplies for dozens of students? Hygiene kits for suffering people in a natural disaster? Coats for those who are cold? Toys for children during Christmas who otherwise will not receive gifts? D&W Sourceall offers an innovative and effective way for you to secure these items to better serve those in need through the support of others.

Consider having an online community collection drive. A collection drive offers you the opportunity to engage your volunteers, supporters and community. With no cost to participate, an online drive just requires a willingness to try something new. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Disaster Corporation recently secured more than 5000 hygiene kits after the Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico hurricanes through D&W Sourceall.

D&W Sourceall can help you engage your community and secure small gifts to better serve people who need it most. Even if you are not interested in having an online drive, D&W Sourceall also has items for direct purchase. The company manufacturers backpacks. “Our backpacks have stronger zippers than others in the market at this price point, with reinforced straps and a high quality zipper,” says owner Barry Wood, owner.

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