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Jet Vacations, is a national partner of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul National Council. They are a wholesale tour operator that has been conducting worldwide, international group travel since 1982! The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) affiliated Councils, Conferences, or its associated parishes can use their Faith & Cultural trips as a fundraising revenue source. Recently, one local Council raised over $20,000.

The specialized tour programs are targeted for the faith minded individual who wants to travel with like-minded travelers and experience an exciting itinerary and wonderful destinations. There is a professional tour director traveling with each group for the length of the trip, adding the local cultural understanding and deepening the spiritual understanding for each traveler.

Jet Vacations has made their fundraising program very simple and low risk. Conferences and/or Councils can expect to generate a minimum of $10,000 in revenue offering one trip during a 12-month period. A key advantage is the ZERO risk and minimal staff time involved. Jet Vacations handles ALL administrative needs associated with each trip. Essentially, the Conference members work with the parish to market the trip through their (website, newsletter-bulletins, promotional campaigns, host parish priest, etc.)

Jet Vacations is a company completely dedicated to the SVdP affiliated chapters!

In recap, Jet Vacations:

– Offers “Fundraising Made Easy”
– Offers unique tours geared for SVdP affiliates that CANNOT be found, retail!
– Includes marketing and advertising assistance
– Offers complete administrative assistance

If you have any questions, please feel free to see us at the annual conference being held in Denver.

Contact Information:

Ask for: Carl
Phone: 1-855-538-0999

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