What if you were no longer at the Society?
Would your successors know the details about donations and the donors’ interests and requests?


Having donor-tracking-software is critical for the Society’s Councils and Conferences. Organized, ready to use donor information needs to be stored properly and maintained throughout leadership and volunteer changes. This ensures that your team can continue to grow, no matter the circumstance.

Keela is an impact technology company that builds software specifically for small and medium nonprofits. The company provides tools to help organizations work more efficiently and effectively, while providing top-notch support to ensure that you’re not on your own. Keela’s software is secure, web-based, and has been successfully vetted by the Society’s National Relationship Vetting Advisory Group.

All-inclusive pricing starts as low as $49/month per Conference/Council. As a national partner, Keela’s pricing is discounted further for the Society. For more information, please click here.

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