ServWare is Vincentian-developed client tracking software, customized for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Councils, District Councils and Conferences.

“We developed this software from first-hand knowledge of the needs of our local Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference in Dayton, Ohio,” said Mark Stine, co-founder. Mark’s wife Catherine recognized the need for tracking software, as so many Vincentians have observed, while serving her local Conference. They knew it had to be low cost, be easy to learn, use 21st century technology and be customizable to meet any Vincentian needs.

“You can track client services from anywhere that has Internet access,” said Mark. Utilizing Amazon Web Services, the system provides excellent security and backup of data. The cost is very affordable:

• Conference/District Council: Set up fee – $75.00
• Monthly subscription fee – $25.00
• Address import – $200.00

ServWare can link Conferences within a District together. This linking enables Districts to easily view the activities of all their Conferences. Additionally, Vincentians can be assigned n a particular friend in need. The system reduces client fraud, as it tracks all visits, disbursements and other client experiences within your Council, District or Conference.

This system is getting rave reviews from many of our members, including chapters in Milwaukee, South Carolina, Indiana, Texas and Ohio. Detroit is piloting the system at this time. For more information, click here.

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