New National Partner Agular Offers Quality, Affordable “Friends-in-Need” Tracking Software

The National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul is pleased to announce that Agular Systems, a provider of “friends-in-need” tracking software for 14 Councils, is now a national partner. Agular developed the easy-to-use and robust Case Management System (CMS) more than five years ago for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia. Benefits include:

  • Conferences can go paperless
  • Annual reporting is automated
  • Member engagement improves

Agular’s CMS platform gives Councils and local Conferences tools to manage and report their operations, providing members the information and tools needed to effectively serve people in need. Vincentians using Agular CMS assign members’ tasks, coordinate assistance delivery, manage financial resources and generate numerous reports. Since 2013, these essential online tools have significantly impacted their Councils ability to define their community impact.

“We chose Agular because of the three C(s): Commitment, Cooperation and Competence. Agular has years of experience working with Councils large and small. They are organized to work with us on process, community impact and software.”

Tom Roberts
Director of Member Services & Programs
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Diocese of Cincinnati

The National Vetting Advisory Group (NVAG), comprised of Vincentian leaders from across the United States, reviewed and approved Agular to be a national partner of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

For more information about Agular, email Paul at

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